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Genevieve Alao MDiv, RP

Genevieve is passionate about journeying with those going through challenging life circumstances. She is committed to the change process…because real life change takes time and attention. Genevieve founded Corner Counsellor to provide affordable, accessible and appropriate one-on-one sessions, community courses and group workshops in under-served neighborhoods. Corner Counsellor is also a mentoring and launching platform for newly registered therapists. When Genevieve is not speaking at a seminar, running a workshop or working directly with clients, she is teaching students at Tyndale University & Humber College in the Department of Health and Human Services and the Faculty of Social and Community Services respectively.

As a partnering and consulting therapist within the GTA, Genevieve continues to focus on developing models for culturally relevant practice and advocate for anti-oppressive frameworks within the mental health care profession.

Self care for Genevieve includes reading, traveling, writing, exercising and going to the theater.

Ingrid Edwards – MDiv, RP (Qualifying)

Ingrid is completing her MDiv in Clinical Counselling and offering sessions as a psychotherapy intern; she is also a Registered Facilitator with Enrich Canada, allowing for pre-marital and post-marital couples’ assessments. She has client experience in building rapport, performing consults and intake sessions, assessing concerns, and formulating treatment plans. Ingrid is in the process of developing her integrative modality style of counselling. She is applying for the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario’s Qualifying License and is actively expanding her counselling knowledge base by interacting with a diverse client population; minority groups, individuals, couples and family counselling. 

As a personal passion, Ingrid pours into community groups such as Kujenga Family Wellness Project as an Advisory Council Member; providing leadership, knowledge and experience through Afro-Canadian community based workshops, webinars and programs. As well as, becoming an associate to Generation Chosen, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the emotional intelligence of young adults in underserved populations. 

In practicing her own self-care; Ingrid works out, enjoys live music, travels, hikes and spends quality time with those close to her.

Lanise Lywood – BSc., Psychotherapist Intern

Lanise is passionate about providing client-centered and culturally sensitive psychotherapy. Her approach is an open, welcoming, and collaborative one. She comes to Corner Counsellor with the comfort to work alongside a diverse range of clientele. Lanise believes in the inherent value of each person, their potential to heal, and their innate ability to make positive change happen. 

She is eager to journey with clients as they navigate through life transitions. Whether it is with regards to career, schooling, personal relationships, or inner work.

Lanise is currently completing her MDiv in Clinical Counselling. She has experience facilitating wellness programs, leading workshops, staff training sessions, and working with various community organizations. 

For self-care, Lanise enjoys spending time by the water, reading thrillers, and playing instruments.

Hannah Searles – Associate Addictions Counsellor

Hannah is passionate about helping individuals journey through life in their full potential. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons.), and a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions. Hannah’s education has prepared her to provide support to those who seek help with their mental health wellbeing. She creates and maintains an environment, having compassion and empathy for clients. Forthcoming, Hannah would like to advance her education by enrolling in graduate school to continue her journey towards a career in Psychotherapy.

At Corner Counsellor, Hannah is offering support as an Intake Worker Intern to which she will provide the initial care for clients to connect them to one of our professional counsellors. Hannah is hopeful in building her knowledge in mental health wellness with further experience in supporting individuals. She is excited to work alongside the Corner Counsellor Team which will prepare her in the journey to becoming a psychotherapist.

For self-care, Hannah enjoys spending time with loved ones, hiking, listening to music, reading and watching movies.

Anna Persaud – MDiv (CAND), Psychotherapist Intern

Anna is empathetic, warm, and insightful. She believes everyone has a unique story and would be honoured to hear yours. She is a keen listener, an excellent communicator and extremely attentive. Her training is grounded in a Systems framework, but she draws upon Emotion-Focused/Emotionally Focused Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in sessions. Her areas of interest include (but are not limited to), relationships, emotion regulation, life transitions, spirituality, and family of origin issues. Her approach is holistic and she engages using a stance of curiosity. Anna is in the final year of her MDiv Clinical Counselling program at Tyndale University, and is currently pursuing a concentration in Pastoral Ministry. She has further training in “Focusing” and is a certified Prepare & Enrich Facilitator.
For self-care, Anna enjoys listening to and creating music, cooking wholesome meals, sleeping eight hours, being in nature, serving at her church, and dedicating time for self-reflection.

To improve mental health for individuals, couples and families everywhere.

To provide quality, affordable clinical counselling services on every corner of every neighbourhood throughout the world.

Accessible: you can find support at your convenience within a reasonable distance from your home, school, office etc. This means that everyone has equal opportunity to better their lives, families, relationships and communities.

Affordable: you pay reasonable prices, you obtain subsidy or you are covered by an insurance company. This ensures everyone can get the help they need.

Appropriate: you understand that mental health care is both a personal journey and an important investment. This means that everyone can expect culturally competent clinicians to meet their unique needs.

Partner with governments, organizations and registered counsellors to offer low-cost/high quality programs, sessions (group or solo) and psycho-educational workshops (online and in-person) to individuals, groups, couples and families.

INNOVATE – Create new ways to solve old problems

EXECUTE – Courageously do what has not been done 
IMPACT – Change the world one sound mind at a time
EMPOWERMENT– Collaborate with whosoever is ready for real-life change



Individuals, couples and families | clinical psychotherapy online, over the phone, in-person | various presenting issues including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, relationships, faith, addiction, trauma and grief/loss


Facilitating training for staff | teaching workshops | forums for groups | integrated teaching for churches | grief support groups | addiction recovery groups | inner healing


Seminars | Talks about mental health & mental illness | Lectures on Marriage, Counselling skills, Family Dynamics

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