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Corner Counsellor recognizes the immense distress that presents during times of uncertainty and crisis. Our approach is tri-fold, balancing the unique and delicate relationship between past, present and future. 

PAST: Our way of life shifted without warning and we will never be the same again. Loss of the way things were, produced a change in our experience of the world and of ourselves within the world. Our commitment is to journey with clients as we grieve the loss of the past that we once enjoyed.

PRESENT: Stress is real and we need healthy ways of dealing with it; now more than ever before. We provide practical tools, exercises and strategies for managing current fears, living situations and work challenges. Along with that we also provide coaching on how to adjust to new circumstances mindfully on a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological level.  

FUTURE: By proactively preparing, setting realistic expectations and letting go of our need for certainty, we can avoid common pitfalls. We motivate and support clients to re-imagine the future, enjoy the now and to embrace the unknown.

Below you will find useful resources from reputable mental health organizations.
Take some time to review them.

Anxiety Canada

World Health Organization

Canadian Mental Health Association

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Canadian Association for suicide prevention

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

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